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by Carly "Wayward" Heyward

I’ve shrieked my way through the world’s tallest skycoaster with a fear of heights, swam my way through an Advanced Scuba course in Australia with a fear of the ocean, and made friends on 6 continents with a mild case of shyness.  All that sounds impressive, but I’ve also missed a flight in Australia, gotten my passport stolen in Switzerland, and left far too many belongings behind.

Just a large town girl, living in a lovely world!

~Carly “Wayward” Heyward

So, who am I?

I’m just like you! I want to see the world, but I’m a human and make mistakes. But I keep chugging along because this world is big, wide, and wonderful, and I’ve just gotta see it all!

My travel bug officially kicked off after I graduated college and was supposed to do the cliche Euro Trip with my college roomie (Hey, Emily!). Sadly, she wasn’t able to come (don’t worry, we met up for Egypt years later!), which pushed me into solo traveling. Uh oh.  I was hooked.

(Where else could I take these awkward travel selfies!)

I ended up moving to a darling medieval town in Germany where I helped the owner’s granddaughter with her English homework.  I loved it so much that I moved back to the US, took the GRE, and enrolled in a Masters program to become a teacher.

My love of travel didn’t stop there, and I used my breaks to see as much of the world as I could.  While it mildly appealed to me to quit my job to travel, I prefer to have a home, a cat, and a life here in Atlanta.

So you see, you don’t *have* to quit your job to travel!

Let me teach you how to travel!

Why did I start a blog?

I honestly started mine because I wanted to combine my two passions: teaching and traveling.  Friends were constantly asking how I’m able to travel so much on a teacher’s salary (because you know we are underpaid :p), and my replies were usually that travel doesn’t have to be expensive or “I spend a lot of time on the internet.”

If I can use my mistakes, experiences, and tips to better assist you in planning your own shenanigans, then I consider that time well spent!

What can you expect here?

Well besides horrifically terrible funny selfies, you can expect a few things:


I love taking heavily saturated and colorful landscapes! But my favorite camera to use is my 360 camera to make the fun Tiny Planets you see above!  I’m also really into long exposures.

Budget and Itinerary Tips

My goal is to provide real value in my two main types of posts: Budget Posts and the things to do “Besides the Main Tourist Destination” posts.  I think most people just hyper focus on the main spots to see, and sometimes they need to be reminded that a country is more than one place! I like to offer you options, so you can decide what you want to add to your trip!

I like to provide what I actually spend as a Young Professional, mid-range traveler to better aid your planning your own trips.  My costs vary per country as I try and keep costs low, but I like to also temper that cheaper route with occasional splurges.


I live my life through discounts, sales, and value. I will always happily pass those along as either a Travel Agent or as a friend 🙂

So, if you also want adventure in the great, wide somewhere, then I invite you to be my guest!  Subscribe to the newsletter! Subscribe for new posts!

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